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FE-MultiPhys (Koutromanos and Farhadi, 2018) is a recently developed finite element program which can simulate steady-state (static) and time-dependent (dynamic) problems, involving coupled  mechanical, thermal, porous flow and chemical advection/diffusion/reaction processes. Its capabilities include stress update procedures for geometrically nonlinear (large-deformation) solid mechanics, methods to account for fracture, namely, element removal and phase-field solution as well as several special capabilities of scalar-field solvers, such as treating advective transport and stabilization procedures, and chemical reaction and  corrosion computations. It also has exceptional parallel (multi-threaded) computation capabilities. Various nonlinear constitutive models for concrete, steel, masonry, and soil materials are currently available in FE-MultiPhys as well as capabilities for modeling seismic isolation and energy dissipation devices. A list of peer-reviewed journal publications that used FE-MultiPhys follows. More information on the beam-truss model (BTM) in FE-Multiphys computational framework for the seismic analysis of reinforced concrete wall buildings are found here

FE-MultiPhys Program Report 

Koutromanos, I., and M. Farhadi. 2018. FE-MultiPhys: A finite element program for nonlinear analysis of continua and structures. Rep. No.
CE/VPI-ST-18/02. Virginia Tech. Link to Report


Peer-reviewed Publications that Used FE-Multiphys

Deng X., Koutromanos I., Murcia-Delso J., Panagiotou M. (2021). Nonlinear Truss Models for Strain-based Seismic Evaluation of Planar RC Walls. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. Free access link

Mavros M, Panagiotou M, Koutromanos I, Alvarez R, Restrepo JI. (2022). Seismic analysis of a modern 14-story reinforced concrete core wall building system using the BTM-shell methodology. Earthquake Engng Struct Dyn.  Free access link

Lena Leicht, Carin L.Roberts-Wollmann, Ioannis Koutromanos, Matthew H. Hebdon, and Oliver Mosig. (2022) Experimental and Analytical Investigation of a 64-Year-Old Prestressed Beam Retrofitted with External Posttensioning. ASCE Journal of Bridge Eng., 27(4). 


 Ioannis Koutromanos, Adrian Tola-Tola, and Matthew R. Eatherton. (2022). Phase-Field Description of Ductile Fracture in Structural Steel under Cyclic Loading. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 148, Issue 7.

Mojtaba Aliasghar-Mamaghani, Ioannis Koutromanos, Carin Roberts-Wollmann and Matthew Hebdon. (2022). Analytical Evaluation of Corrosion-Induced Strength Degradation in Prestressed Bridge Girders. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering.

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