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Three types of license are available for the BTM Component: (a) Commercial; (b) Academic Institutions; and (c) Student. The licenses are available in three different versions in terms of the maximum number of nodes allowed in a model: (i) Unlimited; (ii) Standard (1000 nodes limit); and (iii) Basic (500 nodes limit). Depending on the type of the license, its term can be: (a) one-time; (b) one-year (lease); (c) three-month (lease).


Table 2 describes the prices for the different license options for a single machine (computer). For the single machine licenses, a product key issued is tied to a specific computer. Change of a licensed computer requires the issuance of a new product key (cost free) and deactivation of the formerly issued product key. For all types of license an internet connection is required. All licenses have access to the input files of the two RC walls examples covered in the BTM Component Report.

The annual support includes, at no additional cost, any updates (no new versions) of the BTM Component until the release of the next new major version. It also includes response to up to twenty questions on the use of the BTM Component. Maintenance and Support services terms are found here. The End-User License Agreement (EULA) is found here


Academic Institution license can be obtained by University faculty or managers of University computer laboratories. The academic institution license can be used for academic research and/or teaching. For research of PhD students and Postdoc researchers an Academic license is required.


A student license can by obtained by an undergraduate or MS student independently and requires proof of active University student status (enrollment confirmation and/or academic transcripts) as well as a University email account. A student license can be renewed without any additional cost for one year (two years maximum license period) after proof of student status continuation. This license type does not include two of the advanced post-processing capabilities: (a) Summary of Response; and (b) Summary Report. Information about these capabilities are found in the BTM Component Report.

To buy a single machine license or annual support, the Buy link can be used. To obtain a quote for group license or for licenses with a number of machines (computers) larger than one fill the order form

Request a trial (30 days) license here. For academic institutions a trial license can be obtained by faculty or computer lab administrators. Trial licenses are not available for individual students.

Table 2. Prices for the different License options for a single machine (computer). Last updated July 23, 2022

Table 2 Prices
Trial License Request
Trial License Request

A download link is emailed after processing.

A trial license can be obtained once per email account and PC.

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