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Introducing Adstran

The Advanced Structural Analysis, LLC (Adstran) was formed to develop software for the advanced and practical seismic analysis of structures, taking advantage of the unique academic research and engineering practice experience of our team as well as of the exceptional capabilities of the new finite element program FE-MultiPhys. Our seismic analysis methods are extensively validated based on experimental tests including landmark seismic testing members of our team have led. 

The first software product of Adstran is the program BTM Component that enables the highly automated analysis, in a user friendly and practical graphical environment, of RC walls (rectangular and barbell shaped only) using the beam-truss model (BTM) in the finite element program FE-MultiPhys. The BTM Component capabilities include the efficient modeling and analysis conduct as  well as the nonlinear behavior determination including capturing and identification of various critical failure modes of RC walls. It can also be used to model other than walls RC components such as beams, and columns.

The BTM is an accurate, simple, and computationally powerful seismic analysis method for RC walls and other components as well as for entire building and structural systems that has been developed over the last fifteen years resulting in numerous peer-reviewed and other publications. The BTM has been extensively validated using the experimental test results of twenty-six (26) specimens mostly RC structural walls of various section shapes and configurations including rectangular (R) and barbell (B) sections, flanged walls of various sectional shapes (T, I, C, H) and coupled walls via coupling beams and/or slabs. The BTM has also been used to model shear-critical RC columns and this publication was used from one of the winners of the 2021 PEER’s blind prediction contest on the cyclic behavior of a shear-critical RC column. Finally, the BTM has been used to capture the experimentally tested seismic behavior of reinforced masonry walls as well as of masonry infilled RC frames. More information regarding the BTM are found in the BTM Component Report

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